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Sign in to your account with your Minecraft login information and discover new worlds of fun. Explore, compete, and create different realms today!

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Sign in to your account with your Minecraft login information and discover …

Using your Microsoft Account with Minecraft

Using your Microsoft Account with Minecraft | Minecraft

In Minecraft, select Sign In. · Enter the email address you want to use for your account. · Enter the password you want to use for your account. · Use the drop- …

Discover how Minecraft and Microsoft accounts go hand-in-hand when using Minecraft Realms. Use your Microsoft account for Minecraft to access your Realms.

How to Log In to Minecraft


From the Minecraft main menu, select “Sign In” and follow the prompts that appear. Enter your Microsoft account credentials and sign in. Important: when you …

Login | Minecraft Education

Support Download · MY CLASSROOM My Profile My Resources SIGN OUT. Sign In · Minecraft Education logo. how it works down-arrow … Sign In logo. Quick start.


Minecraft Java Moving From Mojang to Microsoft

Minecraft Java Moving From Mojang to Microsoft | Minecraft

To check if we are ready to move your account, please sign in to … Single account login for all PC-based Minecraft games; Improved parental controls.

Get ready for improved safety and security because Minecraft Java is moving from Mojang to Microsoft! You’ll need to create a Microsoft account to keep playing.

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Kein Microsoft-Konto?Kostenlos registrieren! Hast du noch ein Mojang-Konto?

Minecraft Sign Up – Xbox

Minecraft Sign Up | Xbox

Get an Xbox profile (no Xbox required!) and start playing Minecraft with friends online!

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Mojang Studios Account

Home; Log in · Games · Minecraft · Scrolls · Cobalt · Help. Mojang Studios. Please, please enable JavaScript to use this site.

How to login to Minecraft with Microsoft Account

Aug 26, 2021 — You have to add a new account. It is counter intuitive, because you are not actually setting up a new account. But once you click to add a new …

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